What is Aesthetic Gynecology?

Posted on: January 30, 2019

Over time, age and events such as pregnancy and childbirth can affect the internal and external structure of the vagina, causing changes in both its appearance and physical response to stimuli. The aim of cosmetic gynecology is to make improvements to the appearance or function of the vagina and labia — in many cases, both goals are accomplished simultaneously. The results of these surgical procedures can improve the enjoyment of sexual activities, while also having a rejuvenating effect on the genitals to make the body appear younger or more aesthetically pleasing.

Aesthetic gynecology

Cosmetic gynecology, also known as aesthetic gynecology, is quickly becoming one of the most popular subspecialties of elective surgery for women. This includes aesthetic procedures to help improve the appearance of the external vulvar or vaginal region. In fact, labiaplasty procedures have become one of the largest growing trends in cosmetic surgery procedures for women.


A labiaplasty addresses the size and shape of the labia. The labia are the folds of skin that frame the opening of the vagina. Although there is a significant amount of variation in the appearance of the labia from woman to woman, many women seek this procedure due to having a natural excess of skin near the vagina. An excess of skin, although normal, may cause discomfort or may make sexual intercourse difficult. A labiaplasty procedure removes excess skin from both sides of the labia to reduce their overall size and can also correct asymmetry if necessary.


Another popular aesthetic gynecology procedure is called vaginoplasty. This procedure focuses on reducing the width of the vagina. Although the vagina is naturally designed to stretch during intercourse and childbirth, the tissues of the vagina can also lose elasticity over time, particularly in women who have had multiple childbirths in a short amount of time. This permanent stretching can affect a women’s enjoyment and stimulation during sex. A vaginoplasty focuses on making repairs to the rear vaginal wall, reducing the overall width of the vagina. Although vaginoplasty is thought to be a cosmetic procedure, it can also be used as a reconstructive procedure for tissue defects that have occurred during or after childbirth.


ThermiVa is the latest trend in aesthetic gynecology and is a non-surgical procedure that uses radio frequency to treat the intimate tissues, including the labia and vagina. This procedure tightens the soft tissue of the vagina and labia and can increase sensitivity while decreasing pain during intercourse. This is an ideal operation for women who want to improve the appearance of these delicate body parts and enhance their sexual experiences without having to deal with a surgical procedure.

The bottom line

Aesthetic gynecology is a quickly-growing field throughout the world. With its help in returning millions of women their self-confidence, it is no surprise to see such rapid growth in the field. If you are feeling unhappy or lack confidence in your own skin, consider looking into aesthetic gynecology to see if it could be a good fit for you.

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