Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty and Other Vaginal Rejuvenation Techniques

Posted on: June 16, 2018

Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty and Other Vaginal Rejuvenation Techniques

While sexual pleasure and improved appearance are two of the most common reasons for vaginal rejuvenation, there are other medical reasons women request these procedures. Childbirth is usually the biggest culprit of vaginal changes that lead to reconstructive surgery. While the vagina is designed for childbirth, it does not always bounce back quite as tightly as some women prefer. Pelvic cancer, hysterectomies, irritable bowel syndrome, and genetics are all common reasons the vagina becomes stretched or damaged, but it does not have to stay that way.

A vaginal rejuvenation may help reduce the embarrassment that often results from a stretched-out vagina.

Results of a widened or stretched vagina

Incontinence is one of the most common results of a stretched or damaged vagina. Women often find that when they cough or sneeze, urine leaks out. Another common result of a lax vagina is unsatisfying sex. While most people assume it is the man who complains the sex is unsatisfying, it is often the woman who finds her sexual gratification being reduced due to the state of her vagina. Uterine or cervical prolapse are other possibilities that could occur due to vaginal damage. During a uterine or cervical prolapse, the uterus or cervix could drop down into the vaginal canal, causing uncomfortable pressure and even bleeding. A rejuvenation can keep this from happening.

Vaginal rejuvenation options

#1 Vaginoplasties

aginoplasties essentially tightens the vaginal canal and are widely used to reduce the complications associated with childbirth. A vaginoplasty should only be performed after a woman has finished having children.

#2 Labiaplasty

A labiaplasty can be performed to reshape the labia— a part of the female genitalia that is often unusual in size and shape, causing embarrassment and lack of confidence.

#3 Hymenoplasty

A hymenoplasty can be performed to repair the hymen so it is more virgin-like.

#4 Clitoral hood reduction

The tissue surrounding the clitoris can be removed during a clitoral hood reduction. This procedure can improve the appearance of the vagina with a thick clitoral hood or provide a more satisfying sexual experience for the woman.

#5 Monsplasty

A monsplasty can be performed to reduce the amount of fat and skin on the front of the lower pelvis area near the vagina (known as the mons). Many overweight women or women who have lost weight or had children find that they have excess skin and fat in this area and prefer to have it removed for the sake of appearance.

#6 G-spot amplification surgery

Another vaginal rejuvenation procedure that can be performed is a G-spot amplification surgery. The purpose of this procedure is to enhance pleasure for the woman by injecting collagen into the front wall of the vagina, increasing pressure during intercourse.

If you are unhappy with the shape or condition of your vagina, schedule an appointment with our office to learn more about how a vaginoplasty or other genital cosmetic procedures can improve your confidence and contentment.

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